Vehicle test based validation of a tire brush model using an optical velocity sensor


  • Bálint Szabó

    Department of Automobiles


In this paper a vehicle model validation process is introduced. For low velocity motions multibody dynamical tire model was developed based on tire brush model. It is described by several parameters, which should be identified. The accuracy of the tire model depends on the success of this identification. The validation of a tire brush model is a hard task, therefore the vehicle model was validated instead of the tire. The trajectory of the vehicle model is determined by the implemented tire model, thus the validation of the vehicle model should validate the tire model partly. During the validation process different low speed manoeuvres were carried out. The steering angle, steering torque, the longitudinal and lateral speed of the vehicle was recorded during the measurements. A simulation environment was set up in which the same manoeuvres were performed and the outputs from the tests and from the simulations were compared.


tire model validation; low velocity simulation

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Szabó, B. (2012) “Vehicle test based validation of a tire brush model using an optical velocity sensor”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 40(1), pp. 33–38.