Automated System for Freight Transportation Optimization on the Transport Network


  • Mykola Dekhtyaruk

    Department of Information Technologies and Programming, Institute of Computer Technologies, Open International University of Human Development "Ukraine", 23 Lvivska Str., 03115 Kyiv, Ukraine


An automated system for freight traffic optimization on a transport network has been developed, which is realized in the form of a complex computer program with application of the visual design environment of Embarcadero RAD Studio. The program complex consists of the main form from which two subprograms are loaded. The search of optimum routes performed by the routing optimization subprogram is used at transportations of freight on the set transport network based on different schemes (from one vertex (the supplier) to all other vertices (consumers), serially – from each vertex to all other vertices, and from two (or several) set of vertices to all other vertices). Freight delivery between the supply and consumption points was optimized by means of the freight transportation optimization subprogram, taking into account the restrictions on the volume of freight at the points of departure and destination.


transport task, routing optimization algorithms, automated system, computer software complex, freight delivery

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Dekhtyaruk, M. (2023) Automated System for Freight Transportation Optimization on the Transport Network, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 51(4), pp. 386–393.