Thermodynamical Examination of the Oily Disc Brake of an Agricultural Motor Vehicle


  • Melinda Menyhártné Baracskai

    Department of Mechatronics and Machine Design SZE


The article examines the thermal problems of the brake system of an agricultural motor vehicle. The functioning of the brake can be considered as reliable if the overheating of the equipment is not present.
Considerable amount of heat is released on the brake discs of the vehicle as a consequence of friction.
In the article there is a brief presentation on the construction, the experiments then the temperature of each element of the brake system after braking. The article analyses the heat transfer and cooling relations. The article defines the volume of the heat transfer factors for the cases cooling of both by air then oil. The article defines what part of the generated heat can be removed from the system by air cooling and by oil cooling respectively.
The main objective of the research is to define whether air cooling is sufficient for the reliable functioning of the equipment or oil cooling must be applied as well.


disc brake, heat removal, cooling oil, thermal conduction, heat transfer

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Menyhártné Baracskai, M. (2015) “Thermodynamical Examination of the Oily Disc Brake of an Agricultural Motor Vehicle”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 43(1), pp. 1–8.