Analysis of Delay Causes in Railway Passenger Transportation


  • Enikő Nagy
  • Csaba Csiszár


One of the most important quality indicators of public transportation is punctuality. Deviations from schedule reduce the level of service. Analyzing historical data, exploring and categorizing the causes of delays correlations can be determined. Based on them, the schedule deviations are predictable. In our research the schedule deviations on railway stations have been investigated based on the manually registered information of the Hungarian Railways. The study mainly focused on the delay causes that were generated by random external factors. Particularly, effects of the certain weather conditions have been highlighted. The analysis has been conducted on railway lines with different infrastructure. Contexts based on the results of the research can be built into traffic prediction models.


delay causes; rail transport schedule investigation

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Nagy, E., Csiszár, C. (2015) “Analysis of Delay Causes in Railway Passenger Transportation”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 43(2), pp. 73–80.