Mobility Mapping Based on a Survey from the City of Berlin


  • Domokos Esztergár-Kiss

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Zoltán Koppányi
  • Tamás Lovas


Analyzing mobility patterns helps to understand travel behavior of travelers, thus the transportation demands. A comprehensive mobility analysis was performed on a huge dataset from Berlin. This dataset contains answers from 41,000 volunteers, who reported their trips with departure and destination information. A modified graph representation is used to display locations and travel routes between them, thus traveling connections between the districts can be easily interpreted. We found that the destinations of the commuters are concentrated around some center locations, while entertainment based activity is more evenly distributed. Based on our results a realistic forecast of travel demand can be provided.


mobility analysis, travel patterns, location based information, trip purposes

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Esztergár-Kiss, D., Koppányi, Z., Lovas, T. (2016) “Mobility Mapping Based on a Survey from the City of Berlin”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(1), pp. 35–41.