Iterative Calibration Method for Microscopic Road Traffic Simulators


  • Tamás Tettamanti

    Budapest University of Technology and Economics

  • Zoltán Ádám Milacski
  • András Lőrincz
  • István Varga


Recently, computer simulation aided work has become a standard routine in all engineering fields. Accordingly, simulation plays a fundamental role even in road traffic engineering. A reliable simulator is able to provide effective analysis of a given traffic network if the applied simulation scenarios properly converge to the real-word situation. This requirement can be achieved based on the mixed use of prior real-world traffic measurements and proper simulation settings. The latter one, however, is not straightforward. Accordingly, the paper investigates a potential calibration technique to create realistic simulations. Basically, a tuning method with genetic algorithm is proposed to reproduce true-to-life traffic based on floating car speed data.


microscopic traffic simulation; calibration; genetic algorithm

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Tettamanti, T., Milacski, Z. Ádám, Lőrincz, A., Varga, I. (2015) “Iterative Calibration Method for Microscopic Road Traffic Simulators”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 43(2), pp. 87–91.