Analysing the Connection of Hungarian Economy and Traffic Safety


  • Árpád Török


The paper analyses the interaction among economy and traffic safety. In the first chapter the analysis reviews the most researches and previous results. Hereinafter the article focuses on the Economic and transport safety trends in Hungary. The study aims to compare the most significant transport safety factors dependent on economic development distinguished national and international trends. It has been concluded that an intensive traffic development is expected on Hungarian roads, since the slowing pace of traffic development was probably originated in the economic crisis. Robust growth of traffic makes it necessary to react to the situation as soon as possible. Another important conclusion that the permanent improvement of global safety technology is expected to result significant growth of transport safety in Hungary however it has to be based on the premise that the economic growth continues. Finally, it has been concluded that the time when technological development is not able to provide the permanent growth of traffic safety anymore, will makes it necessary for local initiatives like safety programs and training activities to take over the leading part.


traffic safety; connection of economy and traffic safety; road safety analysis

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Török, Árpád (2015) “Analysing the Connection of Hungarian Economy and Traffic Safety”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 43(2), pp. 106–110.