Development of a New Method for Comparing the Cold Start- and the Idling Operation of Internal Combustion Engines


  • István Lakatos

    Szechenyi Univeristy


In case of public transportation, the protection of the environment and the economic operation are highlighted issues. The cold start and the cold operational procedure of buses must be optimal both in the scope of environment protection and economic aspects (fuel consumption, wear and tear). By taking these factors into consideration, we have analysed the relevant influential factors and elaborated such a measuring system with the aid of which the fuel consumption can be measured continuously during the operation. Fuel consumption measurements were accomplished with the aid of a new measuring system during cold operation and running and on the basis of processing and evaluating the findings we have suggested a new operational procedure.


environment protection, economic operation, cold start procedure, cold operational procedure, fuel consumption, new measuring system, new operational procedure

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Lakatos, I. (2015) “Development of a New Method for Comparing the Cold Start-, the Idling Operation of Internal Combustion Engines”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 43(4), pp. 225–231.