Design of Lane Keeping Algorithm of Autonomous Vehicle


  • Olivér Törő
  • Tamás Bécsi
  • Szilárd Aradi


The paper presents the design and realization of lane keeping function of an autonomous electric go-cart. The requirement towards the system concerning this paper is navigating the vehicle on a closed track with road markings, based on information from an optical camera with lane detection capabilities. To achieve this task, two solutions were used, a double-loop control with feedforward load disturbance compensation and a nonlinear method. The control algorithms were designed and tuned in a Hardware-In-The-Loop framework. The nonlinear algorithm was implemented on two different hardware devices and validated in CarSim–Matlab software environment.


autonomous vehicle, lane keeping, line detection, hardware-in-the-loop

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Törő, O., Bécsi, T., Aradi, S. (2016) “Design of Lane Keeping Algorithm of Autonomous Vehicle”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(1), pp. 60–68.