Hybrid Control Using Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode for Diagnosis of Stator Fault in PMSM


  • Amar Bechkaoui
  • Aissa Ameur
  • Slimane Bouras
  • Kahina Ouamrane


In nonlinear control systems when we have a non-constant parameters, conventional control laws may be insufficient because they are not robust especially when the requirement on accuracy and other characteristics dynamic systems are strict. We must use control laws insensitive against to parameter variations, disturbance and nonlinearities. For this purpose, several tools are proposed in the literature, which is quoted a hybrid fuzzy logic and variable structure control (Fl_VSC). This per presents an application of the fuzzy logic scheme to control the speed of PMSM by taking account of the presence of interturn short circuit fault. We were interested in the sliding mode control (SMC) of the PMSM using controller’s fuzzy logic controller (FLC) and Adaptive fuzzy logic controller (AFLC). The combination of these two theories has given great performance with fast dynamic response without overshoot. As it has a very robust control, insensitive against to parameters variation and external disturbances. Simulation results confirm the choice of hybrid controllers compared with the conventional controllers and grants a robust performance and precise response to the reference model regardless of load disturbance, stator faults and PMSM parameter uncertainties.


diagnosis; inter-turn fault; PMSM; sliding mode control; fuzzy logic controller

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Bechkaoui, A., Ameur, A., Bouras, S., Ouamrane, K. (2016) “Hybrid Control Using Adaptive Fuzzy Sliding Mode for Diagnosis of Stator Fault in PMSM”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(3), pp. 172–180. https://doi.org/10.3311/PPtr.8242