Simulation Support in Construction Uncertainty Management: a Production Modelling Approach


  • Gábor Bohács

    BME, Transportation Engineering and Vehicle Engineering Faculty, Department of Materials Handling and Manufacturing Logistics

  • Dániel Gáspár
  • Botond Kádár
  • András Pfeiffer


The execution of construction projects such as a highwayconstruction or the elevation of a new bridge is a complex,highly equipment-intensive process and are subject to manydifferent uncertainties. This is very similar to the manufacturingexecution level in production systems where predefinedproductions plans and schedules cannot be completelyimplemented due to unexpected internal and external changesand disturbances. Following this analogy, the paper proposesthe application of a discrete–event simulation based methodwhich was already applied in the decision-support formanufacturing control to develop the decision-support in theexecution of a construction project where the effects of thedeviation from the short-term schedule can be easily andquickly analyzed.


Construction project; simulation; planning and scheduling; disturbance handling; uncertainty management

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Bohács, G., Gáspár, D., Kádár, B., Pfeiffer, A. (2016) “Simulation Support in Construction Uncertainty Management: a Production Modelling Approach”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(2), pp. 115–122.