Impacts of Autonomous Cars from a Traffic Engineering Perspective

  • Tamás Tettamanti Budapest University of Technology and Economics
  • István Varga
  • Zsolt Szalay


The era of autonomous vehicles infer new challenges in several fields. When autonomous vehicles take over the road in a large volume, consumer preferences around car-ownership will transform, traffic modeling and control will need correction, and moreover hackers will appear. These are just a few impacts which are expectable in the near future. Accordingly, the paper’s aim is to enlighten trends and upcoming challenges of driverless vehicles and automated transportation system from a transportation engineering perspective.
Keywords: autonomous vehicles, self-driving cars, traffic models, vehicle design
Published online
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Tettamanti, T., Varga, I. and Szalay, Z. (2016) “Impacts of Autonomous Cars from a Traffic Engineering Perspective”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(4), pp. 244-250. doi: