Mathematical Modeling of Automotive Supply Chain Networks


  • Ákos Dömötörfi
  • Tamás Péter
  • Krisztián Szabó


The aim of this research is to set up a possible model for describing automotive supply chain networks. The work to be presented analyses the real-world environment and its changes in a broader view. The research provides the extension of the mathematical modeling domain, accordingly. The paper studies the basic relational structure of automotive supply chain, where the methodology is determined by the classical business strategic levels. This is done by combining the theories of network and theories for traffic systems. We uncover the hidden relational parallelism between the automotive supply chain and positive systems, complex networks and find that the industry network shows some similar scale-free structural properties indicating the existence of a typical dependence and dominance structure with complex dynamical behavior.


modeling; automotive supply chain; scale-free network; graph theory

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Dömötörfi, Ákos, Péter, T., Szabó, K. (2016) “Mathematical Modeling of Automotive Supply Chain Networks”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 44(3), pp. 181–186.