International Characteristics of the Macro-Logistics System of Freight Villages


This study of the international characteristics of the macro-logistics system of freight villages is a first overview of the subject, which has not previously been available. The study is divided into four parts. The first part describes the empirical method of the study and introduces the databases which were set up. The second and most relevant part deals with the different continents and their logistics sectors. The “Classic” and “Challenger” countries of the continents in the field of logistics have also been identified on the basis of the “Logistics Performance Index 2014” from the World Bank. A comparison between the single continents makes up the third part. The final part introduces selected outstanding locations which were found during the research. In addition, the study can provide support for various actors (for example, logistics real estate developers) in opening up new markets.

Keywords: freight village, dry port, macro logistics concept, hinterland, intermodal terminal
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Oláh, J., Nestler, S., Nobel, T. and Popp, J. (2018) “International Characteristics of the Macro-Logistics System of Freight Villages”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 46(4), pp. 194-200. doi: