An overview of Natural Gas Use in Ships: Necessity and Engine Supply


The article consists of analysis of existing and planned air pollution from ships control and prevention tools such Marpol 73/78 Annex VI, Energy Efficiency Design Index, Energy efficiency operational indicator, Ship energy efficiency management plan, Regulation on the Monitoring Reporting and Verification of shipping emissions, Carbon tax, Maritime emission trading scheme. Norms of these control and prevention tools are difficult to ensue using traditional marine fuels. Pollution rates getting tighter and alternatives have to be used, and some of them have long been known and are not widely used due to objective reasons. Such alternative is natural gas, and its use in ship power plants could reduce concentrations of nitrogen, sulphur, carbon compounds and other pollutants in engine exhaust gas up to acceptable level. The part of maritime sector choosing gas or dual-fuel engines due to tighter pollution rates, and the supply of these engines analyzed in last part of article.

Keywords: Marpol 73/78, non-road engines, natural gas engines, dual-fuel engines, engine market, LNG
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Žaglinskis, J., Rapalis, P. and Lazareva, N. (2018) “An overview of Natural Gas Use in Ships: Necessity and Engine Supply”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 46(4), pp. 185-193. doi: