Strategic policy instruments in managing freight transport demand


  • Ferenc Mészáros


The economic crises highlighted the importance of rethinking the operation of the transport sector. Companies, research institutes, governments and the society are all interested in smart solutions to reduce internal and external cost effects of road haulage via increasing efficiency and widening the utilization rate of available capacities along with the mitigation of social side effects of road transport, especially with managing transport demand. The overall regulatory framework set by the European common transport policy and national transport policies shall create suitable incentive frames to reach these general aims. Both administrative and financial policy instruments are available for such actions, but their impacts are different. This article discusses the conditions of utilization and the expected effects of the applicable instruments.


freight transport; policy instruments; demand management

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Mészáros, F. (2012) “Strategic policy instruments in managing freight transport demand”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 40(2), pp. 77–80.