Model-based H2/H∞ control design of integrated vehicle tracking systems


  • Balázs Németh
  • Péter Gáspár


The paper presents the design of an integrated heavy vehicle system which consists of the driveline, the brake, the suspension and the steering components. The purpose of the integration is to create an adaptive cruise control which is able to keep the distance from the preceding vehicle and track the path on roads. The vehicle model consists of the dynamics of the sprung mass and the unsprung masses and handles the effects of road and wind disturbances. The design of the adaptive cruise-control system is based on the H2/H control method. The operation of the controlled system is illustrated through simulation examples.


integrated vehicle control; H2/H∞ control design; heavy vehicle

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Németh, B., Gáspár, P. (2012) “Model-based H2/H∞ control design of integrated vehicle tracking systems”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 40(2), pp. 87–94.