Analysis of Traffic Conflict Characteristic at Temporary Reversible Lane


  • Yi Cao

    Dalian Jiaotong University; Dalian Maritime University

  • Zhongyi Zuo

    Dalian Jiaotong University

  • Huizhi Xu

    Northeast Forestry University


In order to analyze the existing problems of temporary reversible lane, traffic conflict characteristic at the period of direction changing was analyzed. Taking Huangpu Road as the investigation object, the data of traffic conflict before and after direction changing were investigated respectively. By the method of mathematical statistics, the traffic conflict characteristic before and after direction changing were compared and analyzed. Using the method of regression analysis, the prediction model of traffic conflict was constructed. This paper also discussed the problem of utilization ratio of this kind of lane. The research showed that, in terms of traffic conflict of temporary reversible lane, there are obvious and regular differences between before and after direction changing. There is a certain relationship among the quantity of traffic conflict, flow and density. The problem of lower lane utilization ratio of temporary reversible lane usually exists.


traffic flow theory; reversible lane; conflict characteristic; lane utilization ratio

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Cao, Y., Zuo, Z., Xu, H. (2014) “Analysis of Traffic Conflict Characteristic at Temporary Reversible Lane”, Periodica Polytechnica Transportation Engineering, 42(1), pp. 73–76.