Travel Demand Management – Possibilities of influencing travel behaviour


  • Mattias Juhász

    Transport Strategy, BKK Centre for Budapest Transport


Nowadays, one of the biggest and most challenging tasks of cities is the management of urban and suburban transport. The growth of mobility and motorization in the last centuries led into a social trap that only has recently been recognized through congestion and environmental problems. The issues mostly arise in areas where travel demand is at a high level, namely in large cities.

Handling urban and suburban transport problems could significantly influence the competitiveness of cities. In times of economic crisis and climate change it is crucial how to use scarce resources, therefore cost- and energy efficiency are becoming more and more important factors. Under these circumstances transport sector is also about to realize that new travel demand management tools can diminish the negative impacts while reasonable mobility needs can be satisfied.

In this paper the possible tools of travel demand management are categorized focusing on innovative measures. Recommendations are concluded through international best-practices in accordance with the method of Sustainable Urban Mobility Planning.


travel demand management, travel behavior, sustainable transport systems, urban mobility planning

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